EPKINLY is an innovatively designed T-cell engaging bispecific
antibody that targets CD3/CD20

Developed using Genmab's innovative DuoBody® platform, EPKINLY helps activate T cells to target CD202

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EPKINLY™ targets CD3/CD20.
T-cell activation

In vitro, EPKINLY induced
T-cell-mediated killing of
CD20-expressing B cells.

Humanized IgG1-bispecific antibody

EPKINLY binds to the CD3 receptor expressed on the surface of T cells and CD20 expressed on the surface of B cells, including cancer cells.

CD20-expressing B cell

CD20 is expressed on the
surface of lymphoma cells
and healthy B‑lineage cells.

EPKINLY binds to an epitope on CD20 that is distinct from the epitope rituximab binds to2,4

Clinical significance of in vitro activity has not been established.

CD3=cluster of differentiation 3; CD20=cluster of differentiation 20; Fc=fragment crystallizable; IgG1=immunoglobulin G1; MOA=mechanism of action.

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