How to order EPKINLY

EPKINLY can be purchased from the following Specialty Distributors. If you prefer, EPKINLY can also be dispensed through an exclusive network of specialty pharmacies. Please call MyNavCare Support at 1-866-NAV-CAR1 (1-866-628-2271) to determine if your patient is eligible to access this medication through Genmab’s specialty pharmacy partners.

Specialty Distributor
Specialty Distributor Telephone Number Email Address
ASD Healthcare 1-800-746-6273
Cardinal SPD Acute
Cardinal SPD Provider
McKesson Plasma and Biologics
McKesson Specialty Care Distribution 1-800-482-6700
Morris & Dickson Specialty 1-800-388-3833
Oncology Supply 1-800-633-7555

Telephone Number:

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